Open Court is a project devoted to promoting transparency in the court systems. As the term “Open Court” implies, our courts are intended to be a public forum where everyone can see what transpires. In the course of the court system, many documents like transcripts, dockets, motions and decisions are created to record what happens. These documents are largely public information. However, rarely does anyone other than the parties to a case and the officers of the court ever see them. This results in the courts being more of a “black box” than the public forum it was intended to be.

This website aids in the process of opening that box by letting people post public documents that show what transpires in court cases and collects data that is required to be publicly reported, but often is hard to find.

Hopefully, by posting documentation and data, the general public will become more aware of how the courts work. Many Court officials, like Judges and Clerks, are publicly elected. Having access to this data should make for more informed voters and the election of better candidates.